Ambassador 109 – Countdown

I’m getting close, and counting down the hours now, instead of days or weeks. If all goes well, I could arrive into Brickyard Cove tomorrow (Monday) evening. Maybe Monday afternoon, or maybe early Tuesday morning, but it is definitely close.

My good fortune seems to be holding, as I had a quick transit of the Southern California bight, enjoying the south and southwest winds and flat seas, and rounded Point Conception at midnight last night along with a school of dolphins. The gale had stopped blowing, so I have been continuing northwest up the coast, and am currently near Morro Bay.

The seas remain very large and sloppy as a result of the gales, with 9-foot swells and mixed windwaves, making for a very rocky and rolly ride. But its just rock and roll, and not slamming, so I am not complaining, and as the winds are just 10 knots, little by little conditions are improving.

The weather is clear and sunny, but last night was the coldest of the entire voyage so far, in the low 50’s. Brrr. But as I only expect one more night at sea, I guess I can deal with it.

My focus now is on finishing the remaining day and a half or so, or constantly hoping nothing breaks down at the last minute.

6/10   8am    35.10N   120.57W    8616nm gone,   187nm to go

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