Ambassador 104 – A little of everything

Yesterday certainly had variety. I was visited by dolphins, Dahl’s porpoises, and sea lions. I had windy and bumpy on the nose, windy beam reach, and no wind. I had sunshine, cloudy bits, a clear sky with full moon, and at sunrise I got fog for a while.

At about 11pm last night, I was also visited by the Mexican Navy. One of their little patrol boats started following me, and hailed me on the radio to ask who I was, how many crew, where I had been and where I was going. They were very friendly as always, and wished me good night and good voyage. The whole thing took less than 10 minutes. A bit different than a U.S. Coast Guard visit, which usually involves them boarding and inspecting, and is somewhat more intimidating.

Anyway, I continue making some progress, with today and tomorrow windy and maybe bumpy at times, but Thursday and Friday look light. If all goes well I should cross the border into the U.S. sometime this weekend. Less than 1000 miles to go!

6/5   8am     25.41N  112.38W    7840nm gone,  924nm to go

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