Ambassador 94 – Good Morning Guatemala

Yesterday was a busy day, with many unexpected visitors. There was yet another school of dolphin that came out to play in the afternoon, and a few more in the evening. Then near sunset, a bird took a rest on the lower spreader. Not long after, another one took a spot on the opposite spreader. Apparently the first bird was the alpha bird, because he flew off, circled around, and landed on the upper spreader. Not to be outdone, the second bird did the same, but on the opposite side. This made the first bird try one last time, landing on the very top of the mast, barely holding on to the wind instruments there. As the sun went down, the second bird left, and about an hour later the first bird gave up trying to hold on and he flew away, too. And in a most kind gesture, they both left behind several souvenirs for me to clean up today. Then during the night, a small squid managed to get himself on deck, but by the time I found him this morning, it was too late to cook him up for breakfast.

I departed Nicaraguan waters during the night, and am currently off Honduras’ little piece of the Pacific. It won’t last long, though, and I should be off El Salvador for lunch.

The weather continues very mild and flat, and I am very happy with that. The winds are fickle, coming and going and changing direction every few hours, which keeps me busy. But I’ve been getting enough good wind and favorable current that the progress in undeniable- 176 miles yesterday.

I am watching the weather very closely as I approach the Gulf of Tehehuantepec, which is famous for gale force winds and short steep seas. Sometimes. I’ll report on that tomorrow, along with my pending decision on whether to stay with the coastal route or head offshore…

5/9  8am    11.37N   88.38W    6205nm gone,  4420nm to go

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