Ambassador 82 – One month milestone

Yesterday marked a full month, 31 days, at sea for me. Its hard to believe I haven’t worn shoes or pants for a month, and I haven’t passed a comb through my hair for a month! (Yes, I wash it regularly, but just towel it dry and forget it or let the wind do the job).

Yesterday continued light, and then became odd and changeable though the night. The predicted north wind came in the afternoon, but lasted only 3 hours before dying. A few hours later, a SE wind started blowing off the shore, which also lasted a few hours. Finally at 4:30am, the NE trade winds filled in at 12-18 knots, and sailing has been really nice since. But as the sun is coming up now, the wind seems to be getting a bit lighter. Anyway, it all made for a busy night jibing and trimming and changing everything around a few times.

At least there was some entertainment. I have been sailing 40-50 miles off the coast, and had a clear starry night overhead. But on the shoreline, it was dark and cloudy with lots of lightning, which put on a fine show.

I feel like I am on the final countdown now, with likely less than 48 hours to go. Barring any major surprises, I will get into Shelter Bay on Monday, probably early morning.

4/14  8am   11.33N   75.09W    5136nm gone,  313nm to go.

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