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Happy Monday!

There are still openings in the Advanced Docking (ASA 118) class this Friday and the Basic Keelboat Review class on Saturday!

Members, you should have the Evite for our July 3rd social. We will provide the burgers, you bring the rest! Fireworks start at 9pm in the marina.

We are closed on the 4th of July - if you are sailing that day, be sure to bring everything you need and keep the emergency number handy!

July 13 we will be hosting an open house with seminars and boats for sale - see details below!

Some of our more advanced classes are getting booked up for the year - if you are planning on taking more classes before the end of the year, get them scheduled!

Did you know that we sell boats now? Several are up on our Boat Sales page, including some of your favorites that are in the fleet (and welcome to remain if you'd like)!

-Brandy K

Member Submitted Photos
Tradewinds Charlie under sail

Happy Monday!

Valhanna under sail
Happy Monday!
Bareboat Chartering Class Photos
Happy Monday!
Happy Monday!
Happy Monday!
Happy Monday!
Happy Monday!
Happy Monday!
Happy Monday!
Speed graph aboard Black Pearl
Happy Monday!
Windy day aboard Whale Song
Happy Monday!
Practicing with crew for an upcoming charter in Thailand
Happy Monday!

Last Minute Deals!

All full! Check back next week!

Current Specials:

3 - Class Package (ASA 101, 103, 104) - $2295

Regular prices and class schedules are: HERE!

Our upcoming Latitude 38 ad:

Happy Monday!

Tradewinds Brokerage Featured Boat:

Catalina 36 MkII

Happy Monday!

Call Brandy (510) 415-1747 or Butch (415) 690-9923 for more info!

A recommendation from member Nicholas W.

I did a 5-day sailing trip to some of the Channel Islands in Southern California last weekend, with Santana Sailing and posted about it on my blog: https://www.nicholaswaton.com/sailing-the-channel-islands-04-2019/

The trip was awesome and would highly recommend Santana Sailing to anyone who wants to go on an adventure sailing trip. Marc Hughston, the instructor/owner who does all the trip, is a fantastic sailor and individual. I had a great time. We sailed on his boat, a Catalina 34 (he also does trips on a Catalina 42 and Catamarans in the Sea of Cortez).

Tradewinds Blog

Skipper Tip, Lee Shores - By Matt K.

"Lee Shore" is a term you learn in your very first ASA course, Basic Keel Boat. How often do we really think about our relationship to a lee shore when we are out sailing? ...Click for complete article.

Our next charter trip? How about Croatia?! It's a ways out, no dates to announce yet, but here's a great article to get you excited about it!

Members Note from Nick, our Winch Whisperer!

As part of the effort to provide our members a high quality sailing experience, Tradewinds employs both a preventative and reactive maintenance plan. The reactive plan is initiated by your comments on the fleet checkout sheets. If you write it down, we check it out and repair the issue. Our preventative maintenance plan focuses upon engine service and winch maintenance, both of which happen in the background to our members; and we perform it on an annual schedule. The engine servicing begins with the Copper Fleet in August, and progresses through the Bronze, Silver, and Gold fleet through the fall and winter. If you want to know when it’s happening, look for Nick with the cart full of tools and consumables.

Our winch servicing program follows the engine servicing and is currently well underway. Our winch whisperer has noted a somewhat disturbing trend:  he's finding significant clumps of long human hair wrapped in the gears of the winches. His first reaction to this discovery was: “that really had to hurt.”

So, he'd like to pass this message along to our members: Winches are designed to carry tremendous loads, and are particularly unforgiving to body parts, including your scalp. If you or members of your crew are blessed with long locks, PLEASE tie it back so that it CANNOT engage with the winches. This isn't about winch hygiene; we’d really like our members to leave the docks with ten fingers AND all their hair.

Finally, in that regard, the winch whisperer has seen members and students boarding our boats and going sailing while wearing scarves. Scarves have NO PLACE on the working deck of any sailboat. The absolute last thing you want entangled in a sheet or winch is your head and neck. There are lots of garments that will keep your neck warm. Please leave your scarf in your car.

Cheers, and be safe out there.

Upcoming Checkouts

Be sure to get checked out on every boat you are eligible for. Scheduled checkouts are free and the more boats you are checked out on, the easier it is to get a boat for last-minute sailing all year! Remember, this email is accurate when I write it, but the live schedule is on our website and is subject to change!

Date & Time Boat Details Fleet Prerequisites
Tue, Jun 18, 4pm Vested Interest Hunter 34 Silver BCC (103)
Tue, Jun 18, 6pm Black Pearl Catalina 38 Silver BBC (104)
Sat, Jun 22, 9am Final Fantasy Beneteau 35 Gold BBC (104) + ADM (118)
Sun, Jun 23, 9am Epiphany Hunter 31 Bronze BCC (103)
Tue, Jun 25, 4pm Asilo Catalina 30 Bronze BCC (103)
Tue, Jun 25, 6pm Brown Eyed Girl Catalina 28 Bronze BCC (103)

Plan farther ahead - click here for the complete checkout schedule.

Remember to sign up for Checkouts at least 2 days in advance, as we may cancel them at that time if we have no students!

We hope you have a wonderful week!

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