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Happy Monday!

It's Boat Show Week! You can get information and your tickets at pacificboatshow.com.

Boat show specials until the end of this month include 3-Class Package and Basic Keelboat - see below for prices.

Our social will be on Boat Show Saturday, April 21. Our friends at Ballena Bay Yacht club will be planning a cruise-in, and our instructor Tony Johnson will be presenting his circumnavigation trip after dinner! You can read all about the trip in The Captain and Mr. Shrode. Dinner will be at 6pm and the presentation will start at 7! Make sure you RSVP to the Evite or call/email us and let us know you want to attend so we can have enough food on hand.

-Matt K

Member Submitted Photos
Basic Keelboat Classes & Celebratory Cake!

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!
Happy Monday!
Happy Monday!
Bareboat Chartering Class
Happy Monday!
Happy Monday!
Happy Monday!
Happy Monday!

Last Minute Deals!

Basic Coastal Cruising (ASA 103), April 27, 28, 29 - $250 off full price - Just $645

3 - Class Package (ASA 101, 103, 104) - $1995

Basic Keelboat (ASA 101) - $435

Regular prices and class schedules are: HERE!

San Juan Islands Trip, August 2018 - FULL

We will be picking up two boats in Bellingham to explore the San Juan Islands! Currently sold out, you can call and waitlist in case we have a cancellation. We will not be booking group airfare. Everyone will book their own transportation and meet us in Bellingham, where we will have a hotel booked for one night. We will spend the next day shopping for provisions and preparing for the charter, staying on the boats one night before leaving to explore. Last time we did this trip we stopped at several beautiful anchorages and spent two nights in Victoria harbor. Wildlife is abundant, the scenery can't be beat, and there are some great out-of-the-way places to visit, have a drink, and enjoy local restaurants. Here are the photos from our 2012 San Juans trip! Total cost will be $2800 per cabin (members), $3300 per cabin (non-members), and includes the boats and hotel rooms! Dates are August 2 to August 11. The first deposit of $1400 will be due when you reserve your cabin, and the remaining $1400 will be due May 15. If you are interested, call Brandy or Matt and we'll be happy to answer questions about the trip. A sample itinerary is available here: San Juans 2018

Tradewinds Blog

Being Underway: Advancement to Basics - by Herman Haluza

So here we look at the basics of being underway and what to do even prior to raising the sail but let us first look at what is meant by basics.  To revert to the basics is to not only reflect on the foundations of what you are doing but also become a little humble, and we all need to be humbler in this hyper-intense world....Click for complete article.

Members Note: Here is a link to the California Boater Card home-study course: http://dbw.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=28734#homeStudy - soon we will need to start verifying that each of our members has this card!

Did you notice that this year's tide books no longer have the current corrections? Here's a link that you can use to find the corrections on the web: https://wolfweb.unr.edu/homepage/edc/tides/Diffs/sfbe_diff.html

Upcoming Checkouts

Be sure to get checked out on every boat you are eligible for. Scheduled checkouts are free and the more boats you are checked out on, the easier it is to get a boat for last-minute sailing all year! Remember, this email is accurate when I write it, but the live schedule is on our website and is subject to change!

Date & Time Boat Details Fleet Prerequisites
Tue, Apr 17, 4pm Toba Leah II Catalina 42 Gold BBC (104) + ADM (118)
Tue, Apr 17, 6pm WindSong Catalina 42 Gold BBC (104) + ADM (118)
Thu, Apr 19, 4pm Sea Breeze Catalina 30 Bronze BCC (103)
Thu, Apr 19, 6pm Epiphany Hunter 31 Bronze BCC (103)
Sat, Apr 21, 9am Asilo Catalina 30 Bronze BCC (103)
Sun, Apr 22, 9am Concord Hunter 33 Silver BCC (103)
Tue, Apr 24, 4pm Megalina Beneteau 31 Silver BCC (103)
Tue, Apr 24, 6pm Ohana Catalina 34 Silver BCC (103)

Plan farther ahead - click here for the complete checkout schedule.

Remember to sign up for Checkouts at least 2 days in advance, as we may cancel them at that time if we have no students!

We hope you have a wonderful week!

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