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We have a LOT coming up! Grab your calendar and make some scribbles!!!

- The Advanced Anchoring class this weekend still has openings!

- Open house boat show & seminars on November 16th - see below for details!

- Social November 16th at 6pm - it's a card tournament! We will provide the snacks, you bring your own drinks! Make sure you email Brandy if you want to participate so she can get you on the tournament list!

-Matt K

Member Submitted Photos
"These planes kept photo bombing our boat pictures!" - Colin T.

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!
Happy Monday!
Happy Monday!
Happy Monday!
Foxtrot - Reefed, trimmed, and looking great!
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Ed K. and crew, chartering in Thailand!
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Happy Monday!
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Happy Monday!
Happy Monday!
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Last Minute Deals!

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Current Specials:

3 - Class Package (ASA 101, 103, 104) - $2295

Regular prices and class schedules are: HERE!

Open House, Boat Show & Seminars - November 16th!

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Tradewinds Brokerage Featured Boat:

Beneteau 34

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Call Brandy (510) 415-1747 or Butch (415) 690-9923 or email BoatSales@TradewindsSailing.com for more info!

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It's Getting Dark Earlier - By Don Gilzean

In my opinion winter has arrived.  It's not really winter until December 21, however, for me it's winter when we move off daylight savings time back to standard time.  That's the point it starts to get frustrating getting back to the dock before the sun sets!...Click for complete article.

From Tradewinds member Jennifer F.

Me and my fearless crew Diana Valle and Andrew Chang decided to take Asilo out on Sunday for a spin around the bay.  Somewhere out by the Chevron tankers, we lost wind and were drifting too close to another boat, so we decided to motor up to get out of the situation.  However, the motor wasn't starting.
All three of us went through the trouble shooting steps of making sure the kill switch was fully closed, that we were firing things up in the right sequence, trying alternate or both batteries at once, and nothing.  We called the office and both Steve and Matt tried to help and finally advised us we were going to have to sail her all the way back in.  Which was pretty unnerving to us since the last time we tried to do that it was literally our second day out in one of the little keel boats all by ourselves in high winds, and we didn't know what we were doing.  

Fortunately the wind picked up and we were able to start heading back.  The only issue then would be where to bring her into and making sure we controlled our speed, since we’d only have one chance to pull her in.  Brandy was confident that we could get her back into the slip just fine, so we started talking about how to execute our plan.

Once we got back into the marina we took the main sail down and rolled the jib up halfway, and were still moving pretty quickly.  So once we rounded the corner to take her back into slip #3, we were still moving pretty fast, decided to roll the jib up all the way, and gently glided her all the way into the slip, with Steve there at the ready to help catch us. 

Might not sound too difficult, but since we are still somewhat novices at this we were pretty happy with ourselves.  Another day of excitement and challenge to overcome!

- Believe it or not, this story is more common than you would think! We maintain our boats to the highest standards we can manage, but that doesn't eliminate every possibility of a problem! Sailing into the slip is taught in Basic Coastal Cruising at Tradewinds. Everyone seems pretty anxious about it the first time they have to do it for real, but we've seen it play out many times over the past 15 years and it always works out fine! It's mostly about controlling your speed! If you want a safe way to practice it, use the buoys in the marina. Sail at them downwind, upwinds, and crosswind and try to minimize your speed so that if they were a dock, you'd be nearly stopped when you reach them, with just enough speed for steerage to that point. Be sure to ask us if you can't remember which sails to use for which type of docking (downwind, upwind, crosswind)! - Matt K

Congratulations to Angie and team!

Check out this article!

Member Note/Skipper's Tip:

In our boat books we list two engine RPM - WORKING RPM and MAX RPM. MAX RPM is for emergencies only! Working RPM is the number you should be focused on when cruising the boat. Pushing a boat beyond the working RPM doesn't add much to your speed - hull speed is hull speed. What you will notice if you push beyond is that the stern may sink into the water, making a wave behind you perpendicular to the boat. You may also notice excessive smoke and unburned diesel showing up as a sheen on the water behind you. MAX is for emergencies only! Once you get the boat cruising, be sure to check your RPM against the Working RPM and throttle back!

Croatia, September 17-29, 2020: Sailing the Adriatic Sea and the 1000+ islands of Croatia is one of Europe's best kept vacation secrets! There's no better way to explore the beauty of the region and live a true holiday adventure than by boat. There's so much to do and to see when sailing Croatia.

· Explore dramatic medieval cities, including DubrovnikSplit, and Trogir.
· Sample island delights, including world class resorts, outstanding dining & entertainment, and thrilling outdoor activities.
· Lounge on brilliant sand & stone beaches, swim in warm Adriatic waters, and tie up in quaint harbors and hidden coves, surrounded by rugged cliffs and charming villages.

Download the flyer with all of the details!

Upcoming Checkouts

Be sure to get checked out on every boat you are eligible for. Scheduled checkouts are free and the more boats you are checked out on, the easier it is to get a boat for last-minute sailing all year! Remember, this email is accurate when I write it, but the live schedule is on our website and is subject to change!

Date & Time Boat Details Fleet Prerequisites
Thu, Nov 7, 3pm Lucy! Beneteau 34 Silver BCC (103)
Sat, Nov 9, 9am August Moment Beneteau 37 Gold BCC (104) + ADM (118)
Sun, Nov 10, 9am Megalina Beneteau 31 Bronze BCC (103)
Tue, Nov 12, 3pm Asilo Catalina 30 Bronze BCC (103)

Plan farther ahead - click here for the complete checkout schedule.

Remember to sign up for Checkouts at least 2 days in advance, as we may cancel them at that time if we have no students!

We hope you have a wonderful week!

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