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Happy Monday!

It was a quiet, beautiful sailing weekend. Everyone who went out had a great time, although Winter is making the sailing days shorter.

Holiday specials are up! Grab them while you can, class prices will be going up January 1st!

We have put up the 2019 class schedule. We have Weather, Radar, Celestial Navigation, Coastal Navigation, and Offshore Passage-Making Prep Day. Some of these only come up once a year, so check them out if you are interested!

We are looking for more boats in the fleet. If you would like information about being a fleet boat owner, please contact me at (510) 415-2747 or Brandy@TradewindsSailing.com.

-Brandy K

Member Submitted Photos
'Lucy!' getting a rig inspection and wind instrument repairs

Happy Monday!

'Redeemed' under sail
Happy Monday!
'Knot Free' - now bimini-free!
Happy Monday!

Last Minute Deals!

All full! Check back later!

Holiday Specials!!! Good through Sunday, December 30th!

BKB (ASA 101) - $495

3 - Class Package (ASA 101, 103, 104) - $2095

Did you take BKB in 2018 and think you might like to upgrade to a 3-class package? During the holidays, we will let upgrade, even if you took your BKB more than 30 days ago! Call us and let us know! The 3-class package price will be going up January 1st. Get it while you can at $2095!

Regular prices and class schedules are: HERE!

San Francisco Ferry Service is coming to Richmond!

San Francisco Bay Ferry will begin service between Richmond and the San Francisco Ferry Building in January 2019.

Check it out!

Tradewinds Blog

Coast Piloting Part 4 - Lines of Position - By Don Gilzean

This tip could have been named "Obtaining a Fix."  Maybe it should have been, because that's what its all about....Click for complete article.

Members Note:

Be sure to spend some extra time rinsing off the boats - the ash in the air is settling and making them extra dirty!

How to properly coil a line! Every member should watch this video and understand it: https://youtu.be/vX4Zr0vdGHE

Also - in case you were wondering where we were referring to in our recent member update:


Upcoming Checkouts

Be sure to get checked out on every boat you are eligible for. Scheduled checkouts are free and the more boats you are checked out on, the easier it is to get a boat for last-minute sailing all year! Remember, this email is accurate when I write it, but the live schedule is on our website and is subject to change!

Date & Time Boat Details Fleet Prerequisites
Thu, Dec 13, 9am Off Course Beneteau 37 Gold BBC (104) + ADM (118)
Thu, Dec 13, 11am August Moment Beneteau 37 Gold BBC (104) + ADM (118)
Tue, Jan 8, 3pm Brown Eyed Girl Catalina 28 Bronze BCC (103)
Thu, Jan 10, 3pm Knot Free Hunter 33 Silver BCC (103)
Sat, Jan 12, 9am Asilo Catalina 30 Bronze BCC (103)
Sun, Jan 13, 9am Vested Interest Hunter 34 Silver BCC (103)

Plan farther ahead - click here for the complete checkout schedule.

Remember to sign up for Checkouts at least 2 days in advance, as we may cancel them at that time if we have no students!

We hope you have a wonderful week!

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