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Tradewinds Online Float Plan Form
Hours: Monday to Sunday, 9am to 5pm
Fill in the online form (below) and generate a .pdf document to email to the
Tradewinds office 48 hours before you plan to sail.
You may also want to share the .pdf with a friend or relative.
A float plan must be filled out and filed with the Tradewinds office before you leave on a trip beyond Mile Rock, west of the Golden Gate Bridge. The plan lets Tradewinds know where you are going, when you expect to return, who is going with you, and what emergency measures or rescue organization should be notified in the event you do not return as scheduled. Remember to contact us when you return.

Please make sure to include as much information as possible.

1. Skipper Information
Home phone number
Cell phone number
City or town and zip code
2. Vehicle Description  
License number

Where is vehicle parked?
3. Persons on Board Information
Please note: Remember to include yourself.
Telephone Emergency Contact Name Emergency Contact Phone Number
4. Known Medical Conditions of Skipper and/or Crew, or Other Special Information
5. Boat Description  
Registration/Documentation number
Hull color
Fuel capacity
Engine type
6. Survival equipment (check all that apply)
Life jacket for each person on the boat
Yes No
Smoke Signals
Yes No
Yes No
Raft or dinghy
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No
Drinking water
Yes No
Signal Mirror
Yes No
Yes No

Yes No
Jack lines
Yes No
Tether for each person on board
Yes No
Harness for each person on board
Yes No
Yes No
Strobe light
Yes No
Handheld VHF
Yes No
Yes No
Man overboard pole
Yes No

Other equipment:  
7. Trip Expectations  
Depart from
Departure date
Departure time
Going to
Arrival date
Arrival time
Trip route, waypoints and/or stopovers:
Return date
Return time
8. Weather Briefing  
    Bay Forecast    |    Offshore Forecast    |    Buoy Report
What is the weather forecast for your trip period?
Departure point  
What are the wave height and duration predictions enroute?
9. Backup Travel Plan  

Please note: Winds over 30 knots, wave duration under 12 seconds, fog, or any other conditions that we are not comfortable with may result in Tradewinds asking you not to leave the bay.

Please provide a back-up itinerary (anchor at Paradise Cove, mooring at Angel Island, etc.) in case you are not allowed to leave the bay.

10. Any Other Pertinent Information
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